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July 2012 Bar Exam: 100% of our exam workshop participants passed the July 2012 VI Bar Exam. 

Knowing the material is only one-half of what you need to do to prepare for the exam.  Communicating that knowledge effectively is the other half.  The purpose of our Essay Writing Workshop is to teach you how to communicate that knowledge.  Following are recent testimonials from the February 2013  and July 2012 exam takers that best describe how we can help to prepare you:

I just received my VI Bar results and I passed, I Passed, I passed!!!!! Jumping up and Down with Joy! I passed.  The only determinative factor in my success in the VI bar exam… was your coaching, your relentless efforts to keep me positive and super quick turnaround times in grading my essays. You even graded one of my essays 24 hours before the exam. ... your dedication towards coaching students like myself is exemplary.   I tried twice in [other state] and was unsuccessful.  Your dedication towards helping me pass the VI bar exam was the ONE AND ONLY factor which made me successful on the VI bar exam. YOU THE GREATEST AND YOU ARE THE BEST. God send you to save me as my guardian angel. I am indebted to you for the rest of life for giving me a sense of dignity.  I PASSED, I PASSED, I PASSED..........(S., 5/13)

 I am happy to report that … I passed!  And your workshop was the reason why.  As, you might have guessed, I was a second time test taker. This time it was an entirely different story.  Not only did I pass the VI Bar, I also passed [other state] with flying colors because I was able to finish every essay question.  Bottom line: the workshop taught me how to be concise, eliminate extraneous information, and maximize my points on bar exam essay questions.  So thank you!
(D. 5/13) 

“I passed… I cannot thank you enough for spearheading the only bar review for the territory and for having such an incredible essay writing workshop. I honestly do not think I would have been successful without your tools.” (M. 9/12)

The workshop is conducted over the internet.  You may sign up for the workshop at any time up to two weeks before the bar exam.  We work with each candidate individually for a four, three or two week period.  You determine the schedule that suits your needs and we will accommodate you.  

We email one question per day to you with instructions on when to return your essays.   We review your answer and send you written comments and suggestions for improvement.  We also include a sample answer as well as exam tips and mnemonics.   You in turn may email specific questions to us which we answer promptly


Cost. The cost of the workshop alone is $250.00.   You may sign up below. You may also sign up for the workshop at the same time you purchase the manual.  If you do so, the price is discounted.  Please see the Purchase Page for further information.  

Tutoring.  For those who need more personalized attention, we offer individualized tutoring over the internet. We can schedule meeting times around your individual schedule and needs. We concentrate on subjects with which you may have the most difficulty. Furthermore, tutoring can begin whenever you wish - months or weeks before the bar exam. For additional information on pricing and scheduling, please send us an Email at vibarreview@gmail.com.



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